Umi Series

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Breathtaking 5-Piece Damascus Collection with Authentic Deep-Sea Abalone Shell Handle!

The 'Umi' Collection features individually forged Damascus Steel kitchen knives made of 67-layer Japanese Damascus Steel with a HRC Rating of 62 for unparalleled hardiness and performance.

33-layers of Damascus on each side surround the Japanese VG10 Steel Core. Built to last and retain sharpness so that you will never need another set of knives again.

Each knife features integrated full-tang molding from blade to handle, which allows for increased force and leverage, making the knives useful against even the toughest of meats and vegetables.

The handle is perhaps our most unique and stunning handle design yet; it's a real Deep-Sea Abalone Shell handle that is full of color and will glisten beautifully in your kitchen.

The handle is also completely waterproof, heat resistant, and non-slip, so it will feel absolutely wonderful in your hand. Finally, there is a Blossom Plum Rivet on the handle to enhance both the look and feel. 

Achieve culinary perfection in style with our 'Umi' Collection.