Shogun Series

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This stunning chef’s knife proves that beauty and power belong together. The eight-inch blade is gently curved for a fast, rocking motion on your cutting board. A V-shaped tip slices through everything with precision. Unlike other kitchen knives, this authentic Damascus steel blade is not etched or altered.

Every knife is made with 67 Layers Damascus Steel. That means; durability, resistance to long-term corrosion, and a much sharper blade.

Made with an ergonomic G10 handle design, our knives won't cause discomfort from prolonged use.

Damascus Steel

Made with 67 layers of Damascus Steel, offering a great balance of sharp edge retention and durability.

G10 Handle

Incorporates a G10 handle which assures you a firm and stable grip for better comfort and control over your knife.

16° Blade Angle

While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25°, we use a more acute 16° angle for a noticeably sharper cutting face.

Proven Quality

Our Damascus knives are sought after worldwide, they are therefore selling extremely fast and we are estimating to be out of stock very soon.


Our "All Knives - Value Set" includes:
1x 8" Chef Knife
1x 7" Cleaver Knife
1x 7" Santoku Knife
1x 6" Boning Knife
1x 5" Utility Knife
1x 3.5" Paring Knife
= 6x Dynasty Series Knives
Our Knives Are Affordable: While each knife is a steal in its own right, our "All Knives - Value Set" provides a massive discount, it saves you $363!

  • Steel: High Carbon Stainless Kanzen Damascus Steel
  • HRC Rating: 62HRC
  • Blade Edge Angle: 16°
  • Handle Material: G10 ABS + PP