Kyati Series

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Our Kyati Series knives are unique and sharp on a new level! Individually forged with beautifully layered Damascus Steel using the absolute highest quality metals in the industry.

Our Knives Are Extremely Sharp: This isn't dramatized. Each knife is sharpened to perfection and polished to perfection before being delivered to you. Chop through a pineapple like soft butter or slice paper-thin cuts of tomato with ease. All Kanzen Knives are sharp as they come.

Our Knives Are Strong: Every knife is made with 67 Layers of Damascus Steel. That means; beautiful patterns, durability, resistance to long-term corrosion, and a much sharper blade.

Our Knives Are Comfortable: Made with ergonomic handle design in mind, our knives won't cause discomfort from prolonged use.

Damascus Steel

Made with 67 layers of Damascus Steel, offering a great balance of sharp edge retention and durability, with much more carbon content than other “premium” knives.

Unique Handle

Imported resin, strictly selected colored wood, and decorated with double copper rings. Every handle is different and unique.

8° Blade Angle

While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25°, we use a much more acute 8° angle for a razor-sharp cutting edge.

Proven Quality

Our Damascus knives are sought after worldwide, they are therefore selling extremely fast and we are estimating to be out of stock very soon.


  • Steel: High Carbon Damascus Steel
  • HRC Rating: 60 ± 2 HRC
  • Blade Edge Angle: 
  • Handle Material: Imported Resin, Colored Wood & Copper