Kanzan - Japanese Whiskey Glass

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Get the Whisky and enjoy it in one of your breathtaking glasses. The Kazan is made out of the highest quality heat resistant Glass and its shape is meant to replicate the crater of one of many active volcanoes in Japan. ( «Kazan», Volcano in Japanese).

Currently, there are about 111 active volcanoes in Japan. The reason why the density of Volcanoes is so high in Japan compared to other nations in the world, is that the whole country lays on a region called "The ring of fire".

The Kazan Glasses are handcrafted using the the experienced Japanese master EDO craftsman technique with more than 2 Centuries of expertise handed down from generation to generation.

Each Glass comes in the original wooden casing for you to be the very next person to have touched the Kazan after it's craftsman. Let your drink flow in this beautiful glass just like lava flows down the slopes of volcanoes.


-Material: Heat resistant EDO Glass
-Capacity: 200ml
-Height: 73mm
-Diameter: 70mm
-Packaging: wooden box