Hi! Thanks for being here, this is our story..

About Us

Kinzu is a rustic collection of chef knives designed for at home chefs, BBQ lovers, and outdoor cooks. Our knives are made for not only at home cooking but also for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or backpacking.

We pride ourselves on using the finest quality steel to forge unforgivingly sharp chef knives. Our unique designs can't be found in stores and are specifically designed to inspire you to prepare your most epic meals.

Kinzu is for those who want to truly enjoy their meal preparation experience.

Why We Make Knives

Kinzu was founded in The UK in 2019. When looking for a new knife set, we found that it was difficult to find genuine and authentic high-quality hand made chef knives at a reasonable price.

The vast majority of knives that are sold online today are mass produced with junk quality steel and plastic handles. This is done in order to cut costs as much as possible because these knives have to be shipped from overseas and marked up many times before finally being sold to a chef.

What makes us different is that we brought the entire forging process into one shop, we don't have any distributors and we do not sell our knives to any third parties. We operate with shockingly low overhead and this allows us to be able to use the top-notch quality steel and beautiful natural wood to forge small batches of stunning and extremely sharp knives and pass those savings directly to our customers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a blade is more than a tool. Our chef knives are functional works of art that can be proudly displayed in any kitchen, and they are also thrilling workhorses that can handle even the toughest meats with ease.

Whether you are planning your next adventure, or you just want to experience cooking with a razor-sharp blade... Our custom chef knives are guaranteed to make your meal preparation a little bit more epic.